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Nathan Oakley The Spastic Cretin


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Nathan Oakley The Spastic Cretin

This fukwit nathan oakley is a fake paid operative which pretends to be a flat earther in the psyop run flat earth movement.This guy is desperate for attention and would like to think of himself as one of the leaders of the flat earth movement,this cretin is just in it for as much money as he can make?. He frequently promotes his channel brand so he can sponge enough money out of his youtube followers.This fool is part of the Patricia steere group? another fukwit fake flat earther...
Here is a pic of Patricia steere on a good day..
I personally would not like to wake up next to this beast..

There are many failed actwhores and musicians and just desperate fame looking retards that join this band of merry fukwits to fool the people,they are all government controlled in one way or another,they actually get a good pay packet doing this,they are greedy? its all about the money..

Nathan oakley is part of the UK psyop side
Patricia steere is part of the USA psyop side

They are all connected
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