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  1. beyondthecurve

    Martin Liedtke The Retard

    Martin Liedtke The Retard It gets better? we have the complete wannabe failed actwhore Martin Liedtke who is desperate to be part of the UK flat earth psyop gang,you can see what this character is all about by his surname.."Lied"..tke. Martin is a complete plank and looks like a GOLEM, he...
  2. beyondthecurve

    Antonio Subirats Fukwit

    Antonio Subirats Fukwit Where do i start with this retarded spastic? this Antonio Subirats clown appeared from no where like the rest of the UK brigade and wants the common man to believe he is the real deal,what a clown. Antonio Subirats is a failed artist and wannabe actor like most of the...
  3. beyondthecurve

    Ranty The Spastic

    Ranty The Spastic Here we have another squealing fuktard which pushes the flat earth agenda, known as ranty.Ranty is one of the later editions to entertain us with his complete bullshit,this guy is also part of the UK branch of the flat earth psyop.Ranty sounds like a women with a high pitched...
  4. beyondthecurve

    Anthony Riley

    Anthony Riley The Retard This complete retard is another paid psyop fukwit which is part of the same gang as Nathan Oakley and Patricia steere. Anthony Riley is part of the UK branch alongside Nathan Oakley and is a complete idiot,he is constantly making big mistakes in trying to push out the...
  5. beyondthecurve

    Nathan Oakley The Spastic Cretin

    Nathan Oakley The Spastic Cretin This fukwit nathan oakley is a fake paid operative which pretends to be a flat earther in the psyop run flat earth movement.This guy is desperate for attention and would like to think of himself as one of the leaders of the flat earth movement,this cretin is...